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TCPR Chronicles

The TCPR Chronicles is in Development. It is scheduled to launch in Spring 2019.

The State of Tennis Information

A developing tennis athlete, and anyone involved in developing that athlete, soon discover it can be a confusing and frustrating process. Advice can be conflicting and is often biased and inadequate. Even within a training facility opinions can vary greatly adding to the stress. And then there is the web where seemingly everyone has every answer put forth in a dizzying array of sites and videos. But what are the real credentials of all these “experts”? On what basis do they offer information?

The TCPR Chronicles is our solution to the problem of informational ambiguity prevalent in the tennis industry. This on-line resource is the definitive source of information for tennis and tennis player development. It presents detailed descriptions of the development systems created by our team of recognized experts in tennis, science and medicine. It demonstrates application of the systems in player training. It provides results of our research to empirically test every aspect of our systems and methodology. Finally it examines emerging and relevant concepts in high-performance development.

The TCPR Chronicles Content

TCPR Key System Descriptions

The TCPR experts have developed some of the most advanced and researched systems for player development in tennis. The theory and content of these systems will be made available to the TCPR Chronicle Community – this is the only place these systems are fully defined for the tennis public. Two of our key systems are among the most widely referenced systems in the world but until now the details are largely unknown. The “Biomechanically Engineered Stroke Technique” system is based on the research and application of Dr. Brian Gordon over three decades. The “Bailey Tennis Footwork” system of David Bailey has long been recognized as the most complete treatment of footwork and movement in tennis. Our other systems in the areas of strength and conditioning, high performance vision, sport psychology and sport medicine will also be described.

TCPR System Application to Developing Players

Theoretical systems for understanding performance and player development are one thing, applying the systems to actual developing players is another. This application processes is fascinating and an ever evolving experiment. The TCPR Chronicles Community will go along on this journey through in depth examples of how the systems are built into the players training in our program. Video segments will illustrate the instructional methodology of the experts who created the systems all in real-life development situations – actual training sessions with no holds barred. In many ways TCPR is a living laboratory and here we document not only the how to, but also our successes and failures in implementing our system concepts along the development pathway.

Tennis Science Productions

How exactly is racquet speed developed on the serve? What is the most efficient way to hit a forehand? What is the quickest way to recover from a wide shot? How does a strength program impact on court performance parameters. Can vision and sensory training impact reaction time in initiating movement to an incoming shot? Can psychology improve shot quality under pressure? How does hydration impact endurance? The Tennis Science Productions intend to answer those questions and many more – we put it all to the test. Full feature video presentations will take the TCPR Chronicles Community through research projects from conception to conclusions. We use 3D motion analysis and 3D ball tracking along with other quantification tools to empirically answer tennis’ most important and lingering questions – no ambiguity here.

Concepts in Player Development

While tennis has lagged behind, the state of information, technology and innovation in athlete development in other sports is dynamically expanding. The TCPR experts are constantly evaluating innovative ideas not explicitly defined within the current scope of TCPR activities. This section will present what we discover from the worlds of tennis, other sports, sport science, sport medicine, mathematics, statistics and computer science that could be helpful in developing tennis athletes. Through our efforts to acquire the most complete knowledge base in the industry, we believe the TCPR Chronicle Community can benefit greatly from exploration of any emerging concepts relevant to high level athlete development – no subject is off the table.